I am a digital artist currently living in Ontario, Canada.  I have taught Photoshop and Ilustrator at BCIT in Vancouver and have also produced digital art for children’s books and cards.

My main website is: http://www.thegraphicgroove.com  There you can view my full digital art gallery and portfolio.

You can also visit my other galleries on deviantart
and on Flickr

I can be contacted at galefra@hotmail.com

Cheers !

Gale Franey



  1. Michael S said,

    I have never seen anything like your work! I like your blog. I hope to review the tutorials soon. I have rekindled my love for photography and love photoshop as well. Nice work!

  2. galefraney said,

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much. Good to hear that you are back into photography and Photoshop !

  3. Dante said,

    I was looking for some Michael Sowa’s paintings and ended admiring your work. It is amazing! And being honest, when I first knew about digital art I didn´t think it was that wonderful and full of all those techniques that need so much study and practice. That’s why it is a real art. Congratulations!
    and sorry if my English is not that correct. I’m trying to do my best .

  4. Tiffany said,

    Dear Gale,

    Magically I stumbled upon your wonderful art just as one would stumble upon a crinkle in the fabric that separates our world from the faery realm. I am writing to you today, bc I would very much like to see if you would impart your talents in my world. My lovely boyfriend and I just recently got engaged. Our own story is a rather magical one, none in small part because he is himself a magician, but more because of our firm awareness of the Faery realm, the realm of myths and legends, which seem to play out in our own lives. I will email you tomorrow the letter I wrote one day in Oct of 2005 to a soul mate that I had not found at that point, though I had speant 30 years searching, which was magically responded to the very next day, by Jason. Ours really is a story of reckless hope and boundless love.

    Saying that, we are in the midst of planning our wedding, of sending out engagement announcements etc etc. Of course, everything we do for our wedding will be mystical and steeped in lore and wonder. Would it be remotely possible to have you help us do our announcements, invites, etc? How would we do this, as we live in Nevada? What are your rates? Could we bribe you with tea and cookies?

    Perhaps too, one day, you might fancy assisting us with the book we are currently compiling of the many letters and poems and bits and baubles of writing that passed between us which we intend to publish by November… to give others hope that what we believe, hope, dream comes true.

    Looking forward to your reply. And thank you. For your Art. It is … divine.

    Tiffany, aka Twilight.
    Ph 1-702-595-2516 E twilight7@mac.com
    (Jason ph 1-702-292-2473, e magicmax7@yahoo.com)

  5. natalia said,

    hi, im trying to contact you, and i already wrote an email, but i get no answer, i really love your work, and im in a project in which i need information about you and i cant find much, i would apreciate if you could tell me more about you, or write to my mail,


    • galefraney said,

      Hi Natalie,

      I did reply 2 times to both email addresses you sent me. This is what I replied in those emails:

      Hi Natalie,

      I was brought up in Ontario, Canada and afterwards moved to
      Vancouver on Canada’s west coast.

      I began doing digital art in 2001. I had bought a digital camera,
      one of the first on the market, a Fuji 6800 (with Karl Ziess lens).
      It was 3.3 megapixels, which was considered good at that time.
      I then bought a book on digital photography that had a CD in
      the back of it that included a Photo editing software. I began
      experimenting with digital manipulation. Then I discovered
      Photoshop and began learning it. I bought training videos from
      Total Training by Deke McClelland (that teach technical skills
      but not the art). On my own I began to experiment with art
      compositions and soon I was hooked.

      I did digital art as a hobby until the end of 2006 when the building
      where I was working was closed for refurbishing. I decided to go
      to college for a year and take a graphics and new media course.
      The course I took was called New Media and Web Development,
      which focused more on web based graphics, video, sound applications,
      etc. Courses included Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects,
      Motion, DVD Studio Pro, ProTools, Final Cut Pro, etc. It also included
      graphics, color, typography, color management, javascript, PHP,
      MySQL, ASP, Dreamweaver, and other related subjects.

      I’ve worked on a series of children’s books and personalized cards.
      I do my digital art with Photoshop and digital imagery.

      You can see more of my art on my main website: http://www.thegraphicgroove.com
      and on my blog: http://www.galefraney.wordpress.com


      Gale Franey

  6. Donald Harbour said,

    What a marvelous talent you have and a lot of focus. For years I have fooled around with the Adobe package even before Adobe bought it when it was Macromedia. I have the Master Collection CS4. Just don’t seem to have the time to really put myself into learning to use all the amazing programs contained in the collection. I do love your work and I am really envious of you. I wish that I could apply graphic interpretation to my poetry. I noticed you visited my blog. I think your site is great. I am putting a permanent link to you on my site so that I can visit yours often. Vancouver is an outstanding place to live. I have visited there many times. The city has such a diverse population and an energy I miss. Great work Gale, thanks for sharing with us mortals.
    Donald Harbour

    • galefraney said,

      Hello Donald,

      Thanks for such in interesting comment. I stopped by your blog and read your poetry, fantastic! I also started with Photoshop back in the days before Adobe acquired Macromedia. The great thing about Photoshop is that all the basic functions and interface remains the same, and the new features are never obtrusive and easily understood.

      CS4 with its new OpenGL features are so fantastic that it would be difficult to go back to earlier versions. I’ve become totally reliant on the ease that I can get around the screen, especially with features like the H birds eye view, and flick panning, rotate canvas, etc. Also the new Mask Panel is indespensable that mask edges can be easily adjusted after creating them.

      I’ve not yet explored Flash CS4 or After Effects … way too little time in a day. I’ve got my hands full with Illustrator and Photoshop, then my next conquest will be InDesign.


      Gale Franey

  7. Bowen said,

    I love seeing your cartoons on websites where people can use them as sets, its so inspirational i especially love this one:

    If they were my cartoons i created in 5 minutes i would be watermarking them so people would be less likely to “steal” them.
    im gonna print off a few copies and give them to people i think, what do you think?

    • James said,

      LOL Love the rat and that cute boy…also the glitter writing, Gale you really outdid yourself with this one, well done, vast improvement on the other images you have done 🙂

  8. Donald Harbour said,

    Gale, what has happened to you? No new post, I miss you.

    • Gale Franey said,

      Hi Don,
      I moved across Canada to Prince Edward Island and have been experiencing a bit of turmoil that will hopefully soon pass. Thanks so much for asking.

  9. Anna said,

    Hi, I have a question. Gal, can you tell me who is in the picture 24
    Amber? This girl look like me and I am realy suprised when I see her.
    This is your imagination or this is real person?

  10. Gale Franey said,

    Hello Anna,

    The model for the piece called Amber is actually a real woman named Amber. You can see the details on this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/galefraney/178891142/in/set-1722568 Look below the art and it links to the actual photo. I retained the face and hair, but the body and scene I created in Photoshop. The original photo of Amber’s face was taken by Anne de Haas and I created the art with her permission http://www.flickr.com/photos/annedehaas/180745967/?#comment72157594189628471.

    I want to see what you look like, but your post does not include an email address or a link to your blog. Please send me a link so that I can see the similarity.


    Gale Franey

  11. Lumist said,

    You are AMAZING !

  12. Riffat said,

    Hi is this the same gale who is Priyas mom I have been desperate to get hold of u and her I’m really worried abt her I did try to email her it didn’t work could u please connect with me and try to connect me with her can u please email yours and her phn numbers and details its important I connect with her I hope ur both well luv riffat if u email me i will email u my details pls connect its important thank u

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