Another Valentines Card

November 4, 2008 at 6:06 pm (computer art, Digital Art, Photoshop tips and tricks) (, , , , , , )


Another In The Valentines Series

Valentines Card Project Continues

This is the second Valentines card, there will be one more in the series … at the moment it’s still a glimmer in my imagination. I will likely begin working on it today. Cards have been commissioned by Flattenme and will soon be available on their website, which is currently being revamped. Their personalized children’s books will soon be available in 7 different languages.

The cards are personalized and customers can upload a photo of their child’s face which will be inseerted into the card. A personalized message will be placed inside. Very sweet.

This one took several days to complete. I do both boy and girl versions of each card, plus design the inside. At first I submitted the version below, but a revision of the background was requested because the client thought it looked like “a slick West Palm Beach” and not warm hearted enough 🙂 Up here in Canada where I live, I guess I didn’t realize it would be interpreted this way. A good learning experience … after all, perception is everything. The client was also concerned that the face was at an angle which might confuse customers because the images of their child that they submit would usually be a straight on shot. It was interesting to compare both versions. Any comments welcome 🙂


Earlier Version – Revised Version Above

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  1. Martin LaBar said,

    Nice. They’re both good, but I guess it’s better without the tropical island.

  2. galefraney said,

    Thanks so much Martin !

  3. Carlos V. said,

    First of all thank you for sharing. I celebrate your talent with owes and warmharted applauses…. Congratulations to your client also I absolutely think the “final cut” is the best version, and your “fix” on it ,superb, beautiful, the child is best seen and protagonizes the image as expected. My opinon only… Saludos desde Mexico, Carlos Varela

  4. Carlos V. said,

    Then again, some nice and warm light from that first backround sun is lost… oh well… tough call after all…

  5. galefraney said,

    Thank you Carlos for such an insightful comment. 🙂

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