Ballerina Card

October 20, 2008 at 1:06 am (Uncategorized)

Ballerina Card Art

More Children’s Cards

I’ve begun a new series of children’s cards. This one is the first of series 2.

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  1. Martin LaBar said,

    There ought to be a demand for that!

  2. A home far away said,

    Oh my gosh so pretty!

    Have a nice day!

    //Gunilla in Singapore

  3. BC Doan said,

    You are an amazing, and talented artist. Your art work blows me out of this world! I was lost in a fantasy world, and love every moment I’ve spent looking at them!

    Thanks for making the world a bit dreamier, and prettier!

  4. galefraney said,

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such inspiring comments !

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