Dinosaur Card

September 26, 2008 at 8:33 am (computer art, Digital Art, Photoshop tips and tricks) (, , , , , , , , )

Dinosaur Card – Girl Version

The card project is almost complete, just one more card in this series to finish. Creating the dinosaur took about 3 days. The background took a lot of experimentation before a prehistoric fantasy atmosphere began to emerge. It was a lot of fun making this one.

Although the dinosaur is purely fantasy, I still spent time researching dinosaurs to get some idea of how the various sub-species bodies, feet, necks varied. There were were so many varieties, meat eaters, docile vegetarians. Some were huge and others were smaller, about the size of a cow, some even smaller. Although many bones have been discovered, there aren’t many preserved samples of skin textures and colors. Many of the reconstructed drawings are mere guesses. I used this to my advantage and decided to use lizard like scales and feet and give it a docile personality. I combined several bits and pieces of digital lizard and snakes skin to create the skin.

This card, like the others will soon be available from http://www.flattenme.com and are persnoalized for customers, where their children’s faces will be inserted into the card. There will also be a boy version, that I am still working on.

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  1. Martin LaBar said,

    Well, it looks authentic enough to me.

  2. Ramón Cue said,

    Thank you very much for your visit and comment so nice that you post. It is an honor.

    My portraits are fine, but I would like to have a little bit of imagination you have.
    Because I believe the creative is the most important of Art.

    The series of Hanukkah Card is really beautiful. And the table in mysterious violinist street I particularly like. I have shown my little nephew of nine years (that is a big fan of dinosaurs) table that you have made the dinosaur with a girl and my nephew he liked it and immediately he has tried to play it.

    I have read with great interest the comments you’ve written in your “Blog” and called my attention to what you mention about what you say that the face is very important and I totally agree.

    I ask you to excuse me for my poor English, but I’ve studied French and German

    Cordial greetings.

    PS: As I was not sold my paintings, I only drawing as a hobby, you have my permission to use these pictures if you wish.

  3. galefraney said,

    Thanks so much for your very interesting and kind comments 🙂

  4. Sage said,

    Is there a boy version of the dinosaur card yet?

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