Dinosaur Card

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Dinosaur Card – Girl Version

The card project is almost complete, just one more card in this series to finish. Creating the dinosaur took about 3 days. The background took a lot of experimentation before a prehistoric fantasy atmosphere began to emerge. It was a lot of fun making this one.

Although the dinosaur is purely fantasy, I still spent time researching dinosaurs to get some idea of how the various sub-species bodies, feet, necks varied. There were were so many varieties, meat eaters, docile vegetarians. Some were huge and others were smaller, about the size of a cow, some even smaller. Although many bones have been discovered, there aren’t many preserved samples of skin textures and colors. Many of the reconstructed drawings are mere guesses. I used this to my advantage and decided to use lizard like scales and feet and give it a docile personality. I combined several bits and pieces of digital lizard and snakes skin to create the skin.

This card, like the others will soon be available from http://www.flattenme.com and are persnoalized for customers, where their children’s faces will be inserted into the card. There will also be a boy version, that I am still working on.

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Princess And The Dragon Card

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Final Version

Dragon Lays Its Head In The Lap Of Princess Child

Here’s another card in the series, commissioned by FlattenMe. It went through numerous changes before arriving at this final version in the forest with castle in the background.

I created the first version inside the castle, in the bedroom, but amendments were requested. Here is the earlier version:

Earlier Version With Different Background

This card will be used as a birthday invitation for girls. After finishing the exterior image I created the inside, which will be personalized.

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Making Hanukkah Cards

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Hanukkah Card Final Version

This Is The Version That Flattenme.com Has Chosen For Their Card Series Series

Several Different Versions

This card took four days to complete and went through a number of changes before arriving at the final version. I am very curious to hear which one you prefer, regarding visual elements, colors or any other aspect.

I wanted to keep true to traditions so I first did some research on the internet to find out how the menorah is lit and to learn other facts about Hanukkah. I searched Google to see what other Hanukkah cards were available. I was surprised to find very few, mostly clip art images of menorahs and the Star Of David.  I wasn’t able to find many ideas so I chose to focus on the menorah.

I was reluctant to add whimsical elements as I had done with the Christmas cards, where I weave an assortment of mice, birds and animals into the scenes. Hanukkah seems more traditional and I thought it was unlikely that mice prancing through the scene would be appropriate, so the challenge was to find a way to sweeten the image in subtle ways.

First Version

This Version Was Too “Christmasy”?

Second Version

This Version’s Colors Weren’t Meshing

And here is the boy version of the same card. People who order the card will send a photo of their own child’s face which will be inserted into the card to personalize it, so most cards include boy and girl versions.

Boy Version of Hanukkah Card

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