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I made this animation from the Toad I created for the book

I’ve been living like a hermit for the past month, working day and night on a new series of digital art images for another children’s book for the same company as The Tuesday Mushroom King, commissioned by  I am averaging an image every 3 days plus an additional day to complete the alternate boy/girl version.  Normally I need to take some time between digital art pieces to replenish my creative energy and let new ideas formulate and marinate.  But timelines for this project are much tighter and in order to meet the final deadline I have to work on images back to back.  This has been both challenging and at the same time enlightening because it has taught me a lot about my own creative processes.  Now I know for future projects how to best stimulate my creative juices and to work most effectively.

This story is about children who live under the ocean and frolic with fishes and seahorses.  Their bodies are half human, half fish.  Very sweet concept.  Like the previous book, people will be able to send images of their own child which is inserted onto the main character’s throughout the book, and the child’s name is also inserted throughout the book as the main character, to make it a very personalized gift for a child.  There is also a page at the beginning of the book with a personalized dedication from the person giving the book to the child.  A really delightful idea from the people at Flattenme, who have a whole series of children’s books available.

It took me some time to design the toad, who plays a main role in the book.  I created him combining realistic images combined with fantasy art that I conjure using Photoshop.  Many of the other characters like the seahorses, octopus, etc., are melded with reality overlapped with fantasy.  

I have just three more images to complete,  and the book be available shortly after August.

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  1. Martin LaBar said,

    A gabby toad — nice.

    And a jellyfish in the background? Why not?

  2. spiritlifter said,

    Beautiful work. Your very talented and what Ive seen so far has been very inspiring!

  3. galefraney said,

    Hi Martin and spiritlifter,

    Thanks so much for your comments regarding the book. I will be adding some samples of the digital illustrations within a week or so. Right now I’m scrambling to finish the project. 🙂

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