Typography and Horse Rustling

June 14, 2008 at 2:57 am (computer art, Digital Art, Photoshop tips and tricks) (, , , , , , , , , , )

This is a piece that I recently made, inspired by the Old Masters paintings. I tried to create that old style. I’ve made the dress entirely in Photoshop. It went through countless versions before I finally arrived at this one. The woman is also a figment of my imagination, comprised of so many bits and pieces right down to eyes from one source, eyebrows from another, lips from another and so on.

The Rose

I attend three Vancouver Meet Up groups: Graphic Design, Web Design and Flash Developers. Last Monday I had been debating all day whether to attend. It was a blustery, cold, rainy day and I had been up all night working on a digital illustration for a children’s book. I fought the urge to be lazy and remain at my computer in my comfy living room.

The meeting was organized by Steven Luscher, whose wit, charm, intelligence and mild eccentricity is a perfect match with the Waazubee Cafe’s laid back atmosphere. I spent the evening comfortably wedged between a young 3D animator and a brilliant German coder and Flash Programmer. On my right was a Graphics person who runs a Graphic Design and Branding company. His wonderful stories glided so easily, from stories about Second World War concentration camps then winding back again to the topic of typography. I found it so envigorating listening as these topics wove their way around and around and back again to graphics.

There was one particularly brilliant moment when three guys were speaking emphatically about typeography and fonts. One fellow with a burly Aussie-sounding accent was discussing “his relationship with a particular font” This struck me as just so comical and brilliant all at once. Sitting beside him was another guy with a wide brimmed hat that looked as though it would be just as comfortable on the head of a horse rustler. For a brief moment it was as though time was frozen while I sat marvelling at this odd, yet amazing combination of talent and diversity. This was completely inspiring to me.

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