Digital Art At Last !

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New Beginnings

This is the first digital art piece since I finished school. I now have time again to do digital art !!

I began this one yesterday at about 6 p.m. and just finished it now at 6 p.m. the following day. I worked all evening, all through the night and all day the next day. I have not yet slept. In total it took a marathon 24 hours without a break in between. I’d only stop working for about 10 minutes to make a quick snack, toss something in the microwave. Right now my legs are cramping and I am almost hallucinating from lack of sleep. But I am feeling very happy to finally be able to do art again without piles of homework assignments looming over me.

This file ballooned up to 9 gigs in size in the uncompressed layered format. At full size it is 7200 x 10800 (24 x 36 inches @ 300 dpi. I was so happy that one of my Flickr friends told me abut the PSB large file format, because in the past I was always using PSD, which allows a maximum of 2 gigs to be saved and gives an error message if you try to save anything larger. To compensate, I used to have to flatten several layers to bring the file size down. But now that I know about the PSB large file format, I no longer have to reduce my file sizes, which means that I can later go back to change them or repurpose them. For example I might want to use some forest branches, or in the case of this image, I might want to use the flowers or vines or some other element, which I will then change to something new, unrecognizable from what you see in this scene.

My daughter bought me a wonderful book for a graduation gift, Masterworks of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter who lived and worked in Paris durng the late 1800s. I was inspired by the amazing color palette used in his paintings, burnt oranges, olive greens … and I wanted to bring some of these colors into this piece. His style is more of graphic design, but the mood, balance and colors completely inspire me.

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