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I had been doing homework all day, and opened Photoshop, intending to do some color correction on some images for a website. I had been looking at some templates in InDesign and became inspired by a color combination, a muted turquoise and peach color. I began playing with color in Photoshop, and before I knew it, I was off in an entirely different direction and 9 hours later, at 6:30 a.m., this digital art piece was born. I worked all night on it and was practically hallucinating from fatigue by the time I finished.

This is the second one I’ve ever done on my Mac Powerbook. All the others, except Farewell to Summer have been made on my PC with my two large duo monitor set up. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d tackle a graphic on this tiny Mac Monitor. Although it is 17 inches wide, and has 1680 x 1050 resolution, the screen is wide but not tall and with the high res. screen, everything appears much smaller than on most monitors. Anyway, I guess this means that I’ve officially made peace with my Mac (although I still prefer my PC).

More Than Half Way Through

I’m now in Term 3 at school, and it is so encouraging to know that I’m more than half way through the course, which finishes next April. The last term was bloody murder as far as the workload was concerned. It was a true test of human endurance. So many nights I was up past 3 a.m. doing homework assignments, and on weekends was often up until 6 in the morning. I started drinking Red Bull and Sobe to keep awake during the day. These days I’m either wired on lack of sleep or Red Bull … or both.



  1. Tulay Besli said,

    I just fell in love with your work. I’d like to use it as my profile picture on FB. I’ll be giving a link to your website as a thank you.
    what a great work!

  2. Quiet Angel said,

    It is awesome. I hope you are doing well. I would like to share it on my profile cover cause I just want to share my solitude mood now and found your awesome work. I will give credit and link to your work. Thank you!!

  3. donise grace,server and minister of God said,

    HI. MY NAME IS DONISE. PLEASE write me on my email at i would love to talk with you about this wonderful art that you shared. please get back with me as soon as possible,. i would love to get together on my story books. perhaps you can help me. ive been looking for someone like you. thank you for sharing. i am intested in your wonderful art / love donise grace april 12, 2015 / i relise its been a long time i see many comments that are 2013. i hope you still come to this web site that you made.please write me…

  4. donise grace,server and minister of God said, please get a hold of me right away on this art . heres my email. i love to hear from you. tonight is now 12pam april 13,2015

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